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Understanding that misconceptions litter the business world, we took several myths that we feel are unfounded and explain them in their entirety.

Myth #1:  Funds Are Withheld Intentionally

Crescent Processing Company does not intentionally withhold funds from any client.  Anytime a credit transaction occurs, it is immediately analyzed for specific information which is designed for protecting the card holder, the merchant, and of course the processing company.  This practice is an industry standard, and when a transaction comes through that is completely out of the ordinary, it is flagged, and investigated further.  If a particular credit card payment is ten times the average transaction, paying it without further analysis would be irresponsible and ultimately become costly for the merchant.  It is not uncommon for processing companies to ask for “proof of transaction” from the merchant in cases such as these, and though the entire process is in the name of safe business practice, it may take a bit of time.  This has led to the misconception that charges are withheld intentionally.

Myth #2:  The Better Business Bureau Has Given Crescent Processing Company Poor Ratings

The Better Business Bureau delivers lowered ratings to any company that has not registered with their organization.  Because Crescent Processing Company has not done so, they suffer from this policy.  On the BBB website, there are just under 300 complaints filed by previous clients, however, in the same span of those complaints, the Crescent Processing Company has serviced more than 65,000 merchants.  This means that the company has a client-approval rating of nearly 99%!  When there are complaints, the company immediately works to resolve them, and while a few are still outstanding, effort is continuing in the resolution arena.  On a side note, the Better Business Bureau is under Attorney General investigation by several states regarding unfair business practice and a misleading rating system.

Myth #3:  Signing Up With Crescent Processing Company is a Scam Due to the Lack of a Paper Application

It’s important to understand that the business world is changing at a rapid pace.  Things like paper applications are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and while there are companies that still utilize them, there are intrinsic benefits to eliminating their use.  Crescent Processing Company uses Independent Sales Agents (ISAs) that facilitate the growth of the company, and when paper applications are used, it’s a simple process for an agent to leave a new client’s place of business and alter the rates and fees.  The lack of a paper application is designed to protect the merchants.  Further, the paperwork can be confusing, and many merchants end up leasing equipment they knew nothing about.  The protection of private information is another key reason for utilizing electronic sign-up methods, which is why laptops have been utilized for electronic signatures.  It’s a double-check system that ensures that the agreed rates, fees, and equipment are all “confirmed” properly.

Myth #4:  ISAs Are Charged by Crescent for Their Laptops

Dell laptops are given to each of our independent sales associates, and are fitted with all of our necessary information, including a video presentation.  Upon receipt of the laptop, our agents pay a deposit of $300 which is deducted from their initial dozen sales in $25 installments.  Should the business arrangement between the ISA and Crescent conclude, the agent receives a full refund when the laptop is returned.  Unless the laptop is never returned to Crescent, there is no charge to the ISA for use of the equipment.  Returning shipping and a two week buffer ensure that the company is giving ample time for a return, and in certain circumstances, Crescent has been known to be quite lenient in terms of the return time.  Once the laptop reaches the company, a full refund is issued.

Myth #5:  Merchant Equipment Isn’t Really Free As Crescent Claims

Clients of Crescent never pay for equipment when they are using our processing services.  Once the service agreement is terminated, the company requests the equipment back.  If the merchant returns the credit card processing unit, there will be no charge to their account for its use or implementation.  Crescent pays for return shipping, and will refund money if a merchant is charged and later returns the equipment.